We offer classic cake favors along with seasonally  appropriate fillings and frostings.

Mix and match flavors to create an unique cake for your special occasion. 

Give us a call to chat details about your custom cake. All special cake orders must be placed over the phone and with 48 hours notice.




vanilla bean

chocolate flourless

vegan chocolate




dulce de leche


chocolate mousse

lemon cream

passion fruit curd

seasonal fruit compote

pastry cream



vanilla/chocolate buttercream

 caramel butttercream

cream cheese


chocolate mousse


custom buttercream

Pricing: 6 inch cake serves 6-8 people ($32) - 8 inch cake serves 8-16 people ($40) - 10 inch cake serves 20-30 people ($50)

Our artisan breads are made with the highest quality ingredients. We use long fermentation times to develop the best possible flavor and baked fresh everyday.


jalapeño cheddar - friday

cinnamon raisin - saturday

milk bread bun - special request

seeded wheat - daily option

sourdough - daily option

baguette - daily option

Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dessert, we are ready to cater to your needs.

Our made by hand pastries range from classic to unique and seasonal. We change our pastry menu frequently. 


croissants - regular and chocolate

ham & cheese croissant 

pastry cream filled brioche

savory turnover

apple streusel danish

monkey bread

almond croissant 


Crowd Offerings

half-size cupcake variety (12/$24, 24/$45)

half-size cookie assortment (12/$12, 24/$21)

half-size bar assortment (12/$15, 24/$25)

half-size pastry assortment (12/$24, 24/$45)



Cancellation Policy

  • Changes can be made by phone up to 72 hours prior to your pickup
  • Orders over $50 will require a credit card number to be kept on file, but will not be charged until the scheduled pick up time. Receipts for these orders can be printed or emailed.  
  • To cancel an order, you must do so over the phone 72 hours before the scheduled pick up time.